How a DUI in South Carolina Can Affect Your Career

Have you ever been pulled over for a DUI in South Carolina, and a policeman reads your Miranda rights before taking you to the police station? If you have, then you understand the fear of being charged with driving under the influence. In South Carolina, a DUI is a serious business.

However, most people don’t know that a DUI in South Carolina can significantly affect their careers. Keep reading to find out what a DUI means for your job prospects presently and in the future. Contact Orangeburg DUI lawyers if you get arrested for DUI.

Is a DUI a Traffic Violation?

Driving under the influence goes beyond a traffic violation. It falls under the category of criminal offenses and is punishable by jail time. If you’re lucky, you only get to pay a fine without going to jail. Usually, you get a minimal fine or jail sentence for your first offense because the court considers it a misdemeanor.

Afterward, your subsequent offenses have serious consequences. While the second and third might still fall under misdemeanors, the fourth becomes a felony. You can expect a DUI in South Carolina to have higher penalties with each offense. There are cases where a DUI arrest will lead to suspension of your driver’s license.

This action usually takes place long before you meet a judge. You lose your license if your breathalyzer test shows 0.15% or more blood alcohol content. It doesn’t matter if your driving abilities are excellent while you’re drunk; you can still get charged with unlawful blood alcohol concentration.

How a DUI in South Carolina Affects Your Career

Most people are only aware of penalties like jail time, fines, and loss of license regarding DUI arrests. Like every other criminal offense, a DUI in South Carolina can result in a permanent criminal record for you. However, people don’t realize its effect on their careers. Below, we discuss how DUI affects your career.

It Leads to License Suspension

If you lose your license, it could cost you your job. One way this could happen is if you cannot get to work anymore. It significantly affects cab drivers, truck drivers, or delivery men. In such a situation, your employer would fire you.

It Affects Background Checks

Apart from costing you your license and your present job, it could make it difficult to get jobs in the future. Many jobs today require prospective employees to pass a background check. Most employers, especially in schools or medical professions, do not accept those with a criminal record. If you’re in this line, you could find this record to have a significant effect on your livelihood.

You’ll Spend Time in Jail

If they convict you of a DUI in South Carolina, you might have to go to jail. Your jail term could be for days, weeks, or even months. Unfortunately, many employers do not accept jail time as taking time off work. This would result in missing work for an extended period which would cause you to lose your job.

Effect of a DUI Conviction on a Career Path

If you want to study law or nursing, you might find it challenging to achieve this because of your DUI conviction. Ensure you check with licensing agencies before you pursue a specialized career path. If you already hold a license before the sentence, some agencies require that you report the conviction. It could lead to revoking or suspension of your license if you do not report it.

Does a DUI Conviction in South Carolina Affect Future Work Opportunities?

When you’re convicted of a DUI in South Carolina, the consequences are long-lasting. Most employees in SC and other parts of the country do not hire people with a conviction. Most people believe a DUI shows you’re a safety risk when it concerns operating equipment. Their concern is that you might harm someone, and the company will face a lawsuit. No one wants to hire someone that would be a liability to others.

Insurance providers will also increase an employer’s premium if they hire an employee with DUI charges. This is because you become a risk for hurting others. Employers would avoid hiring those with a DUI charge or conviction on their records to avoid this higher premium.

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