Ways a DUI Can Affect Your Employment Opportunities

If you find yourself charged with driving under the influence, it is essential to seek help from an experienced Orangeburg DUI lawyer as soon as possible. The DUI laws in South Carolina are harsh, with severe penalties that will have a long-term negative impact on your life.

From the moment you are charged with DUI, your driver’s license is suspended. If you end up being convicted, you will have to wait years before you regain your driving privileges. These issues will affect your current job, as well as your future career.

Here are a few ways in which a DUI can hurt your employment opportunities.

A DUI Stays on Your Criminal Record Forever

South Carolina has a very tough stance against DUI offenders. If you are convicted, the DUI will remain permanently on your record. It is not eligible for expungement under any circumstances.

This means that any future employer, in any US state can find out about your DUI conviction when they perform background checks. Does this matter? According to recruiting specialists, it does, even if the job description does not include driving duties.

Even if it is not an immediate red flag for disqualification, it will be a factor taken into consideration seriously when analyzing the pros and cons of hiring you.

You May Face Termination From Your Current Job

Many employers have zero tolerance for drunk driving offenses. Thus, the moment you are charged, your employer may decide to dismiss you. Also, you may not rely on them to provide you with references for a new job. This will lead future employers to inquire why you were let go from your prior job.

You Will Depend on Others to Drive to and from Work

Even if you are able to secure a new job, getting there on time every day may prove a challenge if you are not allowed to drive. In some instances, your Orangeburg DUI attorney may be able to help you obtain a hardship license.

This is a type of driver’s license with limited privileges, allowing you to drive to and from work, school, medical appointments, and church. However, you need to meet specific conditions in order to qualify for it. And even if you do meet them, there is no guarantee that the judge will grant it to you.

a DUI conviction will disqualify you from several types of jobs

Thus, you have to rely on public transportation, family, and friends to get to work. In time, you will end up paying a lot of money on taxi and Uber rides, putting a significant dent in your wages.

You Must Tell Future Employers About the DUI If They Ask

You may think that you can put your DUI conviction behind you and never think about it. After all, not all employers perform background checks. However, you may be asked during the application process if you have any criminal convictions. A DUI is such a conviction.

Failing to disclose it may backfire spectacularly. Maybe your employer needs to check all employees’ criminal records in the future. Once your DUI comes to light, you will be instantly dismissed with prejudice.

A DUI Permanently Disqualifies You for Certain Jobs

While some employers may give you the benefit of the doubt and hire you despite your DUI conviction, some lines of work will be forever closed to you. The most important types of jobs you may never be able to do in the future are:

  • Any driving jobs, including truck driver, bus driver, traveling sales agent, delivery person
  • Any teaching position
  • Jobs where you have to deal with sensitive or confidential information
  • Government jobs
  • A military career
  • Professional jobs, such as lawyer, doctor, accountant, or engineer.

Let an Experienced Orangeburg DUI Lawyer Help You Save Your Career!

A DUI charge is something you must take very seriously and start building your defense as soon as possible. On your own, you may not be able to prove your innocence or get your charges reduced to a lesser offense.

The best thing to do in the present situation and for your future career is to schedule an appointment with an experienced Orangeburg DUI lawyer. We offer each new client a free case review, so call us today at 803-353-1969 to start protecting your future!