What Happens After You Get Arrested for a DUI in Orangeburg

You just got pulled over and arrested for DUI in Orangeburg. Now what? Getting arrested and charged with DUI can be a scary and overwhelming experience. But knowing what to expect after a DUI arrest will help you navigate the process.

In this article, we’ll walk you step-by-step through what happens post-arrest, from the booking and bail process to understanding court procedures and potential penalties. While a DUI arrest can be life-changing, educating yourself on the process and getting help from an experienced Orangeburg DUI attorney is the best way to deal with the situation.

Booking and Processing at the Police Station

After being arrested for DUI, you’ll be taken to the police station for booking and processing. Here’s what to expect:

  • Fingerprinting and photographing: The police will take your fingerprints and mugshots to create an arrest record. You’ll likely be asked to change into an inmate uniform.
  • Property inventory: All personal belongings will be documented and secured until release. Anything illegal or prohibited may be confiscated.
  • Booking paperwork: You’ll complete forms with your personal information, arrest details, and next of kin.
  • Jail cell: After processing, you’ll likely be held in a jail cell until bail is posted or until your arraignment the next business day.
  • Bail: If eligible, you can typically post bail to be released from custody until your court date. The amount depends on charges and jurisdiction.

The booking process can take several hours, so remain calm, follow police instructions, and avoid making statements about the incident until speaking with a DUI lawyer.

Meeting With a Lawyer Specializing in DUI in Orangeburg

Once arrested for DUI in Orangeburg, one of your first steps is to start researching lawyers who specialize in DUI defense. Check online reviews and schedule consultations with a few lawyers who seem like a good fit.

In the consultation, ask about their experience, success rates, fees, and whether they think they can get your charges reduced or dropped. Go with a lawyer you feel comfortable with and who has a solid track record of success in DUI cases.

At your first meeting, the DUI lawyer will review the details of your arrest and the exact charges filed against you. In Orangeburg, a first DUI offense typically leads to administrative penalties like license suspension, as well as misdemeanor criminal charges.

do not resist an arrest after a DUI stop

Appearing in Court for Your DUI Arraignment

After being arrested for DUI in Orangeburg, your next step in the legal process is appearing in court for an arraignment hearing. At the arraignment, you will go before a judge who will formally charge you with the DUI offense.

The judge will read the charges against you and ask for your plea. You will enter a plea of either guilty, not guilty or no contest. Pleading guilty means you accept the charges and the maximum penalties. Pleading not guilty means you deny the charges and wish to defend yourself in court. Pleading no contest means you do not admit guilt but accept the judge’s sentencing.

Future Hearings Scheduled

At your arraignment, the court will schedule future hearings in your case, including a pre-trial conference, motion hearings, and potentially a trial. The judge will order you to appear at these hearings or face additional penalties for failure to appear. Make sure you note all hearing dates and times to avoid missing a required court appearance.

The arraignment is a critical first step in resolving your DUI charges. Take it seriously, be respectful to the court, and get the legal counsel and guidance you need to best handle your case. While the process can be stressful and intimidating, staying on top of requirements and deadlines will help put you in the best position for a favorable outcome.

Reach Out to an Experienced Orangeburg DUI Attorney Today

A DUI is a serious matter with potentially life-changing consequences. Don’t go through this alone. The moment you are arrested, contact an experienced Orangeburg DUI attorney to start preparing your defense. At our law firm, we have been defending people charged with DUI in Orangeburg for years.

We understand South Carolina’s DUI laws inside and out. We will thoroughly review the details of your case to identify any weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument or violations of your rights. An aggressive, customized defense strategy is the key to getting DUI charges reduced or dropped.

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